National Chocolate Eclair Day June 22

 National Chocolate Eclair Day June 22
 Stupid Guy Thing Day
Please don't blame the messenger. The folks at Wellcat, a rich source of off-beat holidays has declared June 22 as Stupid Guy Thing Day.
"Women are always talking about [it], so here's a day to commemorate it," according to Wellcat. Apparently aren't aware of a guy's ability to celebrate his own stupid moves.
These stupid guy things are even celebrated in pop culture. It may have started with Bill and Ted or Wayne and Garth, with the bar being lowered even further by "Jackass" (the TV show and movies) and even "Destroy Build Destroy."
The Wellcat folks encourage women to make a list of "stupid guy things" and pass it on. Just don't post the list on Facebook where you could offend your boyfriend, husband, father, brother or male boss.
V-Mail Delivery Anniversary
You've got v-mail! Not voice mail, not virtual mail, but victory mail. On June 22, 1942, the first v-mail was sent from New York. Letters were written on special paper and then censored and reproduced onto microfilm, for overseas delivery.
"V-mail microfilm are made on a continuous enlarger at the Pentagon building, Washington, D.C. V-mail is available to and from the armed forces stationed outside the United States. It is only 1/65th the weight of ordinary mail and saves ninety-eight percent of the cargo space required for ordinary letters. 1,600 letters can be placed on a roll of film little larger than a pack of cigarettes," according to the Library of Congress.
National Chocolate Eclair Day
The eclair is a decadent pastry like no other. Cream puffs have a similar pastry, but a lighter filling. The eclair is a choux pastry, which creates a hollow center when baked. The interior is filled with a vanilla pudding-like substance and a thick layer of chocolate coats the top of the top.
Like the cupcake, the mini eclair has been making the rounds as a popular finger food dessert. Good luck finding one on a plate at a party if you passed them by the first time. If you're feeling ambitious, tempt your taste buds with these non-traditional homemade chocolate eclairs. 
  Source : Yahoo