Top 12 ideas to make a Christmas Tree

Coorudit queen of the feast, as it turns out, it is easy by using only what is lying at home with business or without cause.To live and prosper magical spirit of the New Year, is not necessarily the perfect home-made similarity with the living tree from the forest to which the coward hare recourse.

1.Tree of the chair legs

In 1946, furniture designer Charles Eames made such.He liked to work with the molded plywood, invent and create multi-functional furniture.Mainly invention Imza steel chairs and tables from a single piece of plywood figure which can be seen in the provincial trams and school cafeterias now.In second place for creative ideas - a Christmas tree from the unused chair legs, decorated with candles.

2.Tree in Space!
This Christmas tree has been collected in space, weightlessness of empty cans.The bank before it was food for astronauts, carrying the star watch in 1973 on the orbital station Skylab 4.

3.Tree laboratory, chemical

Student humor.Young people from the shores of Lake Ontario, once the New Year has nothing to do, and to arrange a small celebration, they constructed a tree of laboratory equipment and glassware filled with colorful chemical reagents.

4. Christmas tree-monster of beer kegs
You know, those metal containers in which the pub brought a fresh beer on tap.Apparently, these drums were drinking on the eve of Christmas, those who can not wait to start celebrating.

5.Christmas tree home from the junk
Most people in the houses has lots of impractical things, without which you can do, so sorry to throw. Poshustree on shelves, cabinets and closets, we will find a pile of items, from which we obtain a Christmas tree. For example, this:

6.Homemade Christmas tree from the South Pole
Polar explorers in the New Year is difficult.They and the cold and snow in bulk, but the trees and any other conifers do not grow.But then, they are explorers, to be resourceful and rukastymi.In stock Amundsen-Scott found a lot of piece of iron and plastic products, of which the researchers managed to build a Christmas tree at the South Pole.January 1 in this harsh place of light around the clock so you can dispense with candles and garlands.

7. Tree of ladders
If you live in a private house or apartment with high ceilings, you have to farm there are surely indispensable stepladder.That's out of it something we need to do a festive Christmas tree, the most simple of the above us. In total, it is a business - pushed the stairs and wrapped garland with toys.In addition, the ladder does not lose functionality.This is one of the Swede came up with.

8.Tasty Christmas tree from the donuts
Then take an example from American colleagues who specialize in donuts and also very fond of the New Year.

9.Tree of balls of wool yarn
Feline jury awarded to this tree 2 nd place in the international ranking (on the ground would be a hypothetical tree of fish or birds, Murray-meow).Mascots years know a lot about unusual elkah.Author wool diva - Jacqueline someone from Arizona, a passionate lover of knitting.

10.Christmas fir from books
Searched the attic gift from Santa Claus, and found the complete works of Lenin? In a New Year's economy is useful.If you do not like the classics of Marxism-Leninism, but own a garden, this book Christmas tree can be installed under the open sky and with a light heart to say: "Come on, Christmas tree, burn!".
11. New Year's money tree
Someone has painstakingly assembled here a tree of treasury bills of the Bank of Russia.Premium, probably before the holidays given.
12. For those who do not care about the three-dimensionality
If the money tight and aching for a chance to show off, povyrezat, pokleit, you can easily think of two-dimensional Christmas tree on a sheet of paper and pinned her to the door.Almost like a painted fireplace in the den with the Pope Carlo obtained.And the bucket, as usual, the blue! And a place for a bottle of brandy was found, and iPods, too!