Story of The Mythical

The strange and terrible creatures of the planet.Learn what is frightening naughty children at different times and in different parts of the world.Names will not translate, since this is just a collection of sounds :)

For those who grew up in Australia, this creature will be familiar.As the mythology, a huge monster that lives in swamps, estuaries, streams and other waters.According to the description, it looks like a giant starfish, which moves and the earth.The newspaper first appeared mention of Bunyip in the 19 century. Then the description included a dark fur, a tail like a horse, fins and teeth like a walrus.Hind legs are thick and strong, and the forelimbs are much longer and as strong.Limbs are equipped with long claws.They say that with their help, the monster kills its prey by enclosing it in a hug.In water, the creature swims like a frog ,and on the coast moves on its hind legs.

Sigbin - being from the Philippines, which hunts at night and sucks the blood of their victims.He has the ability to become invisible to other creatures,especially humans.It looks like hornless goat, but with very large ears, which can slam a pair of hands, and with a long, flexible tail, which can be used as a whip. Sigbin, as they say, emit a nasty smell.He has two similar grasshopper legs growing from his neck, which allows him to jump long distances.Considers that the protection it can be a special amulet worn around the heart.

Monster Canvey Island
This title was this unusual creature.For the first time in 1954 saw him on the shore of Canvey Island in England.According to the descriptions of this strange specimen was relatively small (76 cm), about 10 kg, with a thick reddish-brown skin, bulging eyes, nostrils and mouth.Forelimbs absent, there were only back in the form of concave horseshoes.After the surface inspection zoologists, being recognized is not dangerous to the public.

Monster Lick
Most often it is presented as a hybrid of a goat with a deformed human body.He has a strong, covered with hair hooves like a goat,a person with an aquiline nose and wide-set eyes.Short, sharp horns protrude from the forehead covered with long, greasy hair that matched the color of the hair on the legs.There were many legends and speculation about its origin and the way it uses the attack on the victim. According to some,the creature uses hypnosis or voice mimicry,the victim threw herself under a train.Other stories claim that the monster jumps down on the roofs of vehicles passing under the bridge.

Legends of the terrible monster reopen the soul of the ancient Egyptians and Palestinians,especially frightening those who traveled shifting sands desert or paved trails through endless canyons and caves -it is these places were home to the basilisk.With the advent of the middle ages ,nothing has changed,and people continued to believe in the existence of this strange and dangerous creatures,who were at a meeting with the man only by death.
On a tiny cock my head basilisk were bulging eyes ,which he acquired from the toads.Short,disproportionate body birds with small wings "decorated" thin and long snake's tail.
Withstand the basilisk in a fair fight,then doomed to inevitable death.Only his eyes bore immediate death, but if the enemy managed to escape this fate,it would reach the ominous breathing basilisk,from which everything turned into stone.