HS team celebrates state title too early

There's a reason they always stress to touch home plate to all Little Leaguers coming around to score: If you don't, you'll be called out.
Incredibly, that exact scenario unfolded in the most important Class LL high school baseball game of the season in Connecticut. Making it even more dramatic, the appeal happened in extra innings, when the player in question was rushing home to celebrate what he thought was a state championship

According to the Newington (Conn.) Town Crier, Southington (Conn.) High star Matt Sprulli appeared to score from first in the bottom of the eighth inning of the Connecticut Class LL state baseball championship against Newington (Conn.) High. Yet Sprulli never touched home plate with the winning run before celebrating in a massive dog pile at second base with the rest of his teammates.

Wise to the error, Newington catcher Tyler Barrett held the ball, stood on home plate and looked over to home plate umpire David Bindas, who promptly called Sprulli out, ending the eighth inning and giving Newington a new lease of playoff life.

"I hate to say it but it was kind of bittersweet," Barrett told the Town Crier. "I was happy to get the out because it gave us another chance to win the ballgame. It's about time we handed it to them. They have a great program but we were due."
Source : Yahoo