How to spot relationship problems

How To Spot Relationship Problems- You have probably witnessed marriages and loving relationships ending due to problems that seem to have grown from small things. A lot of problems usually become magnified, because it is being ignored at the early stages of a relationship. This is usually justified by that ever so famous phrase, "blinded by love." Failing to recognize even the minutest issue during the early stage of your relationship can lead you to a life-changing and tear-jerking break up. To spare you from spending too much time and energy in a relationship that might not work out and from the pain of a huge break up, here are some tips on how to spot relationship red flags.

Do you notice a lack of communication in your relationship? This could be easily seen during the early stage of relationship. The first thing your partner will do is to limit conversations with you if he is starting to lose interest.
Do you notice a change in your partner's behavior? You may become aware of your partner's change in his way of doing things. An example is if he used to be punctual when meeting with you, but is now always late and doesn't give the initiative to explain why. If you ask for an explanation, he gets easily irritated. Take note of small changes such as this because it could be a sign that something is wrong.