Highest Paid Musicians

Highest Paid Musicians
Forbes’ Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians According to the list, U2 made more money than other musicians, netted $130 million from their massive world tour and other deals, much bigger than my weekly earning from this blog. The group made $10 million in ticket sales on each tour stop, merchandise revenue. Australian heavy metal group AC/DC is on the second place with $114 million, while Beyonce Knowles came in third with $87 million, the highest-paid female musician. Her earnings mostly came from endorsement with companies, such as Nintendo and L’Oreal and from her growing fashion line. She’s three spots above her husband, Jay-Z.

The complete list is below:

1. U2, $130 million
2. AC/DC, $114 million
3. Beyonce Knowles, $87 million
4. Bruce Springsteen, $70 million
5. Britney Spears, $64 million
6. Jay-Z, $63 million
7. Lady Gaga, $62 million
8. Madonna, $58 million
9. Kenny Chesney, $50 million
10. Black Eyed Peas / Cold Play / Toby Keith, $48 million

Do you have another name to be added into the list? Are you an artist yourself? If the list is to be infinite, on what number you will find yourself on the list? Let me know on the comments section.