Food slang

Food slang

I'll have a cup o' joe and a heart attack on a rack. Lost? That's diner slang for a cup of coffee and a beloved Southern dish. Brush up on your All American diner lingo with the following list of scrumptious slang.

A spot with a twist

While you may not catch Queen Elizabeth II ordering her afternoon drink in slang, try asking for a spot with a twist next time you're in need of a warm beverage. Hungry? Accompany your drink with some of these traditional British treats.

Adam & Eve on a raft

American diners are known for their quick, no-nonsense breakfasts served up hot with a piping mug of coffee. Next time you sally up to the diner counter for some breakfast grub, try ordering the popular Adam and Eve on a raft.

Butcher's revenge

While this dish sounds like the name of a serial killer, a slab of butcher's revenge is more likely to be served at Grandma's house than the big house.

Eve with a lid on

It doesn't get more American than this yummy dessert. Next time you find yourself at a roadhouse diner, order an Eve with a lid on. For an extra treat, have your waitress put a hat on it

Honeymoon salad

This clever play on words will have you asking for a honeymoon salad on your sandwich or burger, or even as a basic side dish.

Pigs in a blanket

Often served with a side of spicy mustard, pigs in a blanket became one of America's favorite party appetizers in the 1950s. They are loved by both kids and adults -- there's even a holiday celebrating them.

Walk a cow through a garden

Summer barbecue season can bring out the grill master in all of us, so it's no surprise this next dish is a favorite of many backyard chefs. Next time you light up the charcoal, treat yourself and walk a cow through a garden.