Drunken Steamroller

Drunken Steamroller- Motorcycle accidents are certainly scary -- but police in Florida say they're not the work of the boogeyman.
After being found trapped underneath a motorcycle on the side of a road in Naples, a man accused of drunken driving told police that an imaginary monster was responsible for the mishap.

Deputies from the Collier County Sheriff's Office responding to reports of a motorcycle wreck at around 2 p.m. on June 12 encountered a suspect described as "highly aggressive and combative," according to a police report obtained by AOL Weird News.
The victim of the crash, identified as James Scarborough, was transported to a hospital for minor injuries, Naples News reports.
When an officer arrived at the hospital, he heard "yelling and screaming coming from" Scarborough's room.
"The male that I heard was yelling profanity and trying to get out of bed," the incident report notes.
The deputy confronted the 49-year-old suspect -- who reportedly gave off "a strong odor of alcohol" and had a flushed face, bloodshot watery eyes and "slurred and mushmouthed" speech -- and asked him about the motorcycle crash.