College majors of the stars

Surprising college majors of the stars

Before they were rich and famous, many notable public figures were just regular college students. Though some celebrities skipped or never finished college others pursued degrees and studied subjects that may surprise you.

Forest Whitaker

If Forest Whitaker wasn’t an award-winning actor, he would probably be performing this classic art form which he studied at the home of the Trojans. 

Jennifer Garner

In her years at a small liberal arts university, Jennifer Garner studied a challenging subject before switching her major to drama. Unlike her famous husband, who majored in this subject, Garner completed her bachelor’s degree.  

Michael Jordan

There’s more to "His Airness" than swishes and slam dunks. In addition to his basketball credentials, Jordan has a degree from a high-ranking public university. 

Weird Al

Long before the king of musical parodies rapped "White and Nerdy" he was learning a more structured skill at this California university. 

Aston Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has a new steady gig , but if things don’t work out he may want to finish what he started at the University of Iowa before dropping out to pursue modeling.