Cannes 2011

 Another title that will compete at the 64th Cannes Film Festival is Michael, an upcoming Austrian drama film directed by Markus Schleinzer.
Just in case you’re not familiar with Schleinzer’s work, don’t worry, because this movie is the first feature he’s directed, and it is a first-time competitor for the Palme.
Reportedly based on the real-life story of a 10-year-old Austrian girl who was kidnapped and held prisoner for eight years by a man she called “Master”, this movie describes the last five months of 10-year-old Wolfgang and 35-year-old Michael’s involuntary life together. Unfortunately, we currently know too little about the film, and as you see just these two photos from the movie as well.
Director Schleinzer is responsible for the script as well, and the movie stars Michael Fuith as Michael and David Rauchenberger as Wolfgang, while the rest of the cast includes Christine Kain, Ursula Strauss, Viktor Tremmel and Gisela Salcher.