Celadon Expansion

Is it possible to combine the art of an eerie and beautiful?It is these two definitions come to mind when you see the porcelain work Keith McDowell.Her attention to detail is breathtaking beauty.Yet many animals that she portrays, is already dead - almost on the verge of porcelain expansion.
If you think about our relationship with nature began even before the beginning of human history - the drawings of prehistoric people in the caves depict our closeness to nature.

Tens of thousands of years later, Kate McDowell decided to continue this tradition.

Yet all these thousands of years we hunted and gathered.We reserve rather idealistic impression of our union with nature in an era when our influence on the environment as never harmful and large.

McDowell works reflect this division - we stressor environment.We pollute, we change the climate and produce genetically modified products.

Our global community sometimes refuses to recognize that between our actions and their consequences is a connection, and this relationship Kate McDowell decided to extend through the porcelain.

Our relationship with nature gave a crack and now it's awkward and guilt.

And yet, adding to their work of the human body, McDowell said, so that our species - humankind - is also under threat.This is a case where the predator becomes the prey.

Nymph Daphne.In Ovid's Metamorphoses Apollo pursues her.Deciding that she would not give her honor, she turns to the gods for help.There is a transformation: numbness covers her body, bark covered breasts, her hair turned into leaves, her hands - in the branches, her feet - so fast just a second ago, become chained to the ground roots.Thousands of years later, McDowell's idea, a tree, in which she was turned, dropped to "smash" the nymph was released.

The composition of many of its masterpieces is very unusual.The apparent distance chaotic china when approaching turns into a wonderful scene.

Can it work portend a looming disaster, or each of us sees this metaphor in his own way.In any event, the atmosphere of her work smooths out the difference between animal and human world.And although we may well cause a cataclysm, we will still be in it participate.

Porcelain has been chosen by chance.It not only gives her compositions a sense of fragility, but also untouchable, almost pristine atmosphere.Life as fragile and beautiful.

Kate's work can easily cause unpleasant shivers on the back.In the horse the day, these figures are made as accurately as if they just died in front of us.As if we ourselves have made them an autopsy.In the photo: flower of life and beckon the viewer, and you're find yourself in a wreath
mortality. A great trick, besides, perfectly executed, and not without a sense of humor.

Ecosystem as bleeding from china. Art MacDowell demonstrates that we are inextricably linked with nature.However, her art also warns warns.But McDowell makes no claims, we must solve it ourselves.