Interesting Facts and Fictions about Wine Corks

 Here are some very interesting Facts and Fiction concerning cork, screw caps and plastic closures.It can clear misconception about corks.

The Facts
1) The trees are not cut down, they are harvested, by hand, every 9 years.
2) A cork tree that is harvested of its bark will, over its lifetime, absorb 10 tons more CO2 than one not harvested.
3) There is no cork shortage; in fact, there is enough cork to close all the bottles of wine produced for the next 100 years.
4) Wine taint from TCA is less than 1%, not the ridiculous numbers of 6-10%.
5) Cork forests support one our planet's highest levels of forest biodiversity and keep 6.6 million acres of the Mediterranean basin from becoming a desert.
6) Wineries are choosing screw caps and plastic closure for financial reasons, not wine quality.
7) Screw caps and plastic closures are not sustainably sourced or biodegradable.