Pasture for Vintage Cars

 In the Tula region, near the village Chernousova on the picturesque banks of the river Ugot stretched the field.The field is quite considerable, it would be quite unremarkable if it were not forced by a set vintage cars of various makes and years of release. These machines came here for a reason - it's Automobile Museum, Mikhail Krasintsa.
 Former Formula One racer Michael AZLK Krasinets after his boxing career began collecting sovetstkie cars.I must say that in his new position Michael has achieved great success - now in his collection of 220 cars, and not only production but also rare, and even released a single item.
 Creator Automobile Museum Mikhail Krasinets

Michael Krasintsu managed to gather in his collection of nearly all models produced by "AZLK" a lot "Zaporozhtsev and models of the Gorky Automobile Plant.The exhibition can be seen a few trucks and even a line of police equipment, which he exhibited at the automotive show "Autoexotics.

 Muscovite was not enough that the export, so also the right-hand drive

 Collectors of vintage cars is not very well relate to Krasintsu, and many simply hate it.For such strained relations with them have a good reason: the rare cars from the long parking lot under the open sky gradually began to rot.There are also some representatives of the domestic auto industry that the "krasinetsky graveyard", as they call the museum at Chernousova many collectors, came his way, but soon lose such a valuable vehicle for the money.In response to such criticisms Michael says that his first task is considered to collect the full range of cars, and only then deal with their reconstruction and organization of more befitting stalls for iron horses.