Underground Worlds

Harrison's Cave

 It is located on the island of Barbados and is famous for its magnificent compositions of stalagmites and stalactites. Groundwater is formed in the limestone rocks of the numerous caves, lakes and waterfalls of extraordinary beauty.
Cave of Phong Nha-
 The largest and most beautiful cave in Vietnam. It is included in the List of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The cave consists of 14 caves, and flows through an underground river it forms a set of stalactites and stalagmites. At the river wide and beautiful sandy beaches with spectacular rock formations.
Cave Uaitomo
 This located on an island in the North Island of New Zealand cave is also called the "Cave of the fireflies" thanks to the huge populations of insects species Arachnocampa luminosa, found only in these parts. The larvae of these insects emit bright light that attracts prey. Thousands of larvae form a sort of panorama, reminiscent of the starry sky.
Crystal Cave

 Located in Chihuahua (Mexico). Horseshoe-shaped cave in the rocky limestone, 10 meters wide and 30 meters long has the world's largest crystals up to 18 meters height and 55 tons of weight.
Ali Sadr Cave

 One of the most beautiful caves of the planet goes back 70 million years and is located in western Iran, about 100 kilometers from Hamadan. Here are a few deep lakes with a variety of stalactite formations in the form of red, purple, green and blue. Ali-Sadr is probably the only cave where you can move around by boat on the water, which is so clear that, despite the semi-darkness, visible to a depth of 5 meters.
Cave Aysrizenvelt

 Located in the mountains Teneev near Salzburg (Austria). Stretching for 42 kilometers, is considered the largest ice caves in the world.
Cave Lechugiyya
 Located in the National Park Carlsbad Cavern (New Mexico, USA). Widely known for its primeval appearance and unusual speleotemami, geological formations of the large amount of gypsum and lemon-yellow sulfur. The cave is closed to tourists, here are only allowed scientists and researchers.
Crystal Cave
 n the world there are several caves with the same name. One of them is located in Sequoia National Park (California), near the Giant Forest. This is a marble cave of nearly 6 km, where the temperature is constant around 9 degrees Celsius.
Cave of the Yellow Dragon

 This area with a variety of natural and man-made landscapes in China, in Hangzhou, a tourist area of Lake Xihu (West). Attracts a variety of species and forms a growing here than usual, and giant bamboo.
Velebit cave
Located in Croatia and consists of several caves that are called pit Lukin, Slovak pit Velebit and Medusa. Attracts tourists with its long vertical descents in the world. At the bottom of the pit there Lukina of ponds and streams are home to underground accumulations of leeches