Swedish Twisted skyscraper

 Turning Torso - is an unusual and memorable skyscraper in Malmo, Sweden, located on the Swedish side of Öresund Strait
Name of Turning Torso was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and officially opened on Aug. 27, 2005

54-storey tower reaches 190 meters in height
  After completion of the building became the highest in Scandinavia, the tallest residential building in the EU and the second tallest residential building in Europe, after the 264-meter Moscow's Triumph-Palace.
 Prior to the construction of this building, the tallest building in Malmö was 82-meter high building Kronprinz
Draft towers based on Santiago Calatrava sculpture titled "Twisting Torso" (born Twisted Torso).It consists of nine segments - the five-story pentagons that are "rotated" with increasing; the uppermost segment of "rotated" 90 degrees clockwise relative to the first floor
Each floor of the Turning Torso consists of an irregular pentagonal shape rotating around a vertical rod which is supported by the outer steel structure.Two lower segment designed for offices.In the segments from the third through ninth are 147 luxury apartments
Santiago Calatrava sculpture Twisting Torso of white marble, depicts a man, rotated sideways. Organisers of the European housing exhibition Vo01 in Malmo in 2001 contacted Calatrava to design a temporary pavilion proposal for an exhibition.At the same time he was asked to build a showcase of some unusual skyscraper, and then began discussions regarding the design of new buildings
Johnny Orbach, former President and Chairman of the joint developers of housing association HSB Malmö, later became the most important person in the company and claimed that he saw the sculpture Twisting Torso in 1999 and that he had contacted Calatrava to ask him to design a building, using As an example, that same sculpture.Construction began in summer 2001
One of the reasons for the building was also the fact that the skyscraper Turning Torso was to become a major target in Malmo - instead of dismantled in 2002, 138-meter crane , formerly located in Malmskoy yards and guided the Malmo since its erection in 1973 year and until the dismantling of the summer 2002go. This crane can move at a time and a half thousand tons of cargo and has been used in the construction of 75 ships. Kockumskranen Koreans were sold for $ 1 in connection with bankrostsvom Danish company Burmeister & Wain; Koreans have even nicknamed him "Tears of Malmoe - due to the fact that residents of Malmo wept at the sight of the fact that their crane slips away into the distance) Turning Torso is located less than a mile from the place where once stood Kockumskranen.Local political leaders considered it important to do something for the people, instead of the former symbol of the city - some new character that would be seen anywhere
Since the Turning Torso is a private residential building - accessed the public open