Pictures of Bandits

Photographer Bruce Build created this report while traveling in Russia.Basically, it's pictures of small bandits, not just sitting and now living for another dose of drugs or a bottle of vodka.
Sergei, nicknamed Wild Boar, 33 years old."I was a hundred percent thug" - he said to Bruce Gildenu at the picnic. -"We have not quite one hundred percent."
Basil 50 years behind bars, he spent 22 years old.He killed his stepfather, and yet the three men who raped his wife.
Again at the picnic.
Alexis 38 years."I gave up on crime. Now I go every Sunday to church, sing in a choir."
Alexis 29 years, he also tied. "Now I am clean," he says.

Sergei in a sauna with Anatoly and his wife.
Sergei fights with Dimitri. Dmitry 28 years, he police colonel.
Tattoo on foot, Alexei.
Sergei and his wife Julia.She is a nurse.He spent 14 years in prison and says he does not want to go back there ever, so he tied up with his gangster past.
Eugene 37 years, he a drug addict and a bandit. "I chose it. I do not know why. It's my life. That's all."