Most discussed topics on the Web

Yes, this theme intersects with the theme of Christianity, but is more complete and includes all discussions related to religion. A huge number of people killed in the name of their god, in the name of their religion. Most of the dead, proving that his own religion better than others - and in this respect there is no middle ground, there is only "white" and "black". A lot of religion-related topics, including topics of race, origin of man, and so on and so forth.

Most of the topics listed below, are indeed the most discussed, not only on the web. On the Internet, literally on every forum you can find a theme where everything is discussed, and the discussion often turns into many branches. Incidentally, in the review only topics that are unrelated to the technique because the latter is very much (which only cost about holivary OS Windows / LInux).
Yes, religion is a stumbling block for even the most seasoned Internet users. It just so happened that the most discussed topics are topics where you can not prove anything. Religion - it is "the opium of the people" or good? Christianity - better or worse than other religions. Existed or not Jesus Christ? All these issues were discussed and debated, and in disputes "cross swords" the most seeminglrational people. 
Another topic which is generally better not to touch. If the number of topics discussed, without any thrusts disputants as to the identity of each of them, the topics of policy can be found not even a bucket of dirt and tanks, which is poured on each other debaters. In all of this debate is usually the people who do not understand the politics, and these debaters are the most violent. So the Internet is better not to affect the political theme, if you do not want to hear a lot of unpleasant words, without any out osnovaniyayu
The Descent of Man
Evolution or Creation? Books have been written on this subject, so many that if they all gather together, you get a very impressive library. Worst of all, that in this matter, as in all others, is not clear, and the disputants, of course, can not come to a "common denominator". Maybe if you print all the discussions, which can be found on the web on this subject, get a library, which has no equal on this planet.
Another highly discussed topic, which addresses issues of humanity, destiny, the right choice and so on. This theme also incorporates a host of others. On the Net is not "civilized" discussion of the topic - there is, again, the only "black and white." This topic is usually recovers by men against women, believers and unbelievers. The anonymity of the discussion of such topics may well turn seemingly civilized human saliva bryzzhuschego fanatic, curse their opponents and defending only their point of view.