The Modern Car Design With a Hundred years Ago

 It's nice when people remember the origins. It's good when companies recall with what they started. That's a British car company Morgan Motor Company has decided to recall its origins. In 2011 the year she has identified the top release of the car Morgan Threewheeler, which, like the previous car with the same name, is a three-wheeled .

 Car Manufacture Morgan Motor Company began in 1909 with the release of three-wheeled motorized carts. Over time they evolved into the most real cars in the modern sense of the word, and even participated in various world championships in motor racing. And in 1952 the company finally moved to the issue of the "normal" four-wheel cars. Finally, but as it turns out, is not irrevocable.
 After the 2011 th year of Morgan Motor Company announced the release of the car Morgan Threewheeler of a new generation of its trehkolesnikov. One may recall was released in 2010, the year the car Arcimoto Pulse and understand that, apparently, the fashion on three wheels back.
Morgan Threewheeler car will have a lot in common in the design of the automobile has a century ago. But still more than likely he will be like Morgan F4, model of 1936 years.
True, this similarity is purely visual. In terms of hardware stuffing Morgan Threewheeler become quite modern car.
 Weight of 500 pounds and sleek cigar-shape aluminum body will allow him to gain more speed with low fuel consumption and to feel confident on the road.
Engine to 1.8 liters from Harley Davidson and a five-speed transmission from Mazda will enable it to accelerate to speeds of nearly 200 kilometers per hour. However, at this speed ride is not very comfortable. After all, this car is no roof and windshield of modest width.
So Morgan Threewheeler all the same will be designed for leisurely road trips in their countryside estates, or for a relaxed trip out of town somewhere in nature.
And so on to participate in auto racing (trehkolesnik from Morgan Motor Company, by the way, in 1913 he won the French Grand Prix) in general can be no question. This car is for those who know how to enjoy life and therefore not in a hurry.