Plasticine illustrations by Barbara Reid and Irma Gruenholz

Barbara Reid
Canadian artist Barbara Reid creates a wonderful plasticine illustrations.
Where her cousins waving tassels, she rolls clay.
Barbara was born and spent her life in Toronto. She is a child wanted to become a writer but went on to learn illustrator in the Ontario College of Art and Design. During her studies, she made the first illustration of plasticine, which is extremely pleased all around. So she opened her own technique. Her illustrations are funny, expressive, and plastic, she uses clay with ease painter and sculptor habit.
She herself says that plasticine illustrations should be very enjoyable for children - if the scenic picture is not clear what should be done with plasticine all nice and simple - almost the same as do all children.

Irma Gruenholz
The Spanish artist Irma Gruenholz makes interesting plasticine illustrations for books.
I think we all remember the plasticine cartoons that are so often in childhood appeared on our screens. To create just such cartoons should make a lot of plasticine plasticine figures and scenery, then to bring it all into action. Creativity of the Spanish artist Irma Gruenholz recalls frozen frames from just such plasticine cartoons.
Illustrator Irma Gruenholz creates its bright and cheerful three-dimensional model from clay, as well as conventional and polymer clay. Artist herself admits that she was ready to use, and other stuff that makes working with volume. She likes to explore and examine the possibilities of each project, working with all the elements and textures. The subjects of works of miniature installations Irma Gruenholz varied: Indian and African everyday scenes and illustrations of princesses, princes, and the maid of honor, the story of the wise and clever mouse and stupid cats, scenes from everyday life (a girl working at a computer or a grandmother, preparing a dinner to his grandson) . Once the detailed and colorful plasticine world fashioned, Spanish painter uses the appropriate lighting and photographing ozhivshuyu installation.
Photo plasticine installations Spaniard Irma Gruenholz published in books, magazines and newspapers. It also creates a different three-dimensional models of polymer clay to customers on request for events and exhibitions.