MORPHotel - floating hotel with a backbone

 Nature often dictates the decision of the person or other problems. In recent years, designers have realized that knowledge of human anatomy or animal can be used to create different designs. For example, the vehicle body or structure of the Maserati Quattroporte transforming the hotel MORPHotel.
Floating hotels - this is not news in the world architecture. That's just usually they are a ship (boat, landing stage, barge), which are equipped hotels. But the architect Zhanlyuka Santosuosso (Gianluca Santosuosso) proposed a conceptual idea of the hotel MORPHotel, which will be initially created as a floating hotel.
 The basis of the structure MORPHotel (from the Greek root "morph" - "form") is spreading, and, specifically, spinal animal. That is not the skeleton, and structure, it resembles. After the skeleton - it's surprisingly sturdy, and while mobile biological system. It is therefore not surprising that someone thought of using it in architecture
 MORPHotel will be a huge number of floating capsules, strung on a movable axis. This is his resemblance to a skeleton. All of this huge structure, is expected to sail the seas and oceans, sailing is one, then in another city, and becoming for a time with their new area.
Skeletal structure of a floating hotel MORPHotel will better withstand the elements. After all, he can change shape depending on external conditions (for example, stretch or shrink the line in the ring).
 Of course, speed Telja MORPHotel on the water surface will be much less than the speed of the same ships or yachts. But it will be a real floating city. Which, in addition, each day will receive a new form.
Miracles, and only!