Guided relaxation Theatre (a hybrid of a rehabilitation center and theater)

Interactive complex was conceived by young designers Gerodotovoy Alexandra (Alexandra Gerodotova) Hajiyev and Alexei (Alexei Gadjiev) primarily as a hybrid of a rehabilitation center and theater. Is a huge underground complex, whose action is aimed at introducing people to the anti-stress condition and help in solving the acute problems.Premises controlled by the neural network, through the filling of their subjects, are able to pick up the slightest changes in psycho-emotional person, thereby adjusting the environmental conditions of stay.

 Each of the 12 rooms have represented a kind of playing field (space for creation, or destruction) in which a person is free to do whatever he wants. Scream, to create flavor, do self-study, play logic games, or simply do nothing.According to the authors, having rooms (each set at will) eventually you get into the home, where before you played Forum-play, gradually takes you from the stress state that enriches the emotions and push for solutions to problems.