Wild Wild West

Apache (old photos of the end of the 19 th beginning of the 20 th century)

The word "Apache" comes from the language of Hume - "fighting man", according to another version - Zuni word meaning "enemy." For example, the Navajo Zuni called "Apachis de Nabaju", as established early Spanish explorers of New Mexico. Themselves Apache called themselves "Inde" or "Nide", ie "people" that was in tune with European names. Therefore, Spanish and English name of "Indian" was not abusive to the Apaches. Indians from the tribe of Apaches can be considered the best soldiers for their time and their level of culture. Despite the fact that they used weapons made of bone and wood, Apaches terrorized the southwestern United States for a very long time. Even military firearms could not beat the Apaches - as those skilled in battle. Some experts called the Apaches ninja America.