The unusual design of meals

We've already had quite a lot of different creative dishes.
This time the domestic kitchen.
More specifically, the unusual design of dishes.

Tinted rice, vegetables and pieces of roasted meat.

Tomato, boiled egg, greens.

Pate, slices of cucumbers.


"Fish" salad or herring under a fur coat.

"Serpent" salad or pate, adorned with slices of pickled cucumber

Rolls herring.

Food Decoration balls of boiled carrots

Astra, built of shredded cabbage.

Jewelry from cucumber and tomato.

Chrysanthemum from Peking cabbage

"Chrysanthemum" from the white part of leeks.

"Bird" - figured sliced vegetables.

Bowl for fruit from the watermelon

Method decorative cut tomato.

Tomatoes stuffed.

Festive decoration stuffed tomatoes

Snack cocktail.

Making snacks with smoked Baltic herring.

Appetizer of shrimp.

Making fast food dish.

Making cold appetizers.

Serving appetizers of seafood.

"Cancer" from figured sliced sausages.



Congee milk.

The most useful in the world - buckwheat.

The most useful in the world - buckwheat.

Lacy pancakes.

Making food in baskets or tartlet.

Morning "valentine" to his beloved or lover.

"Grape cluster" of green peas and green leaves.

At this rug from cucumber peel look beautiful and snacks and a la carte meat, fish, chicken.

Festive bouquet of cabbage.

"Bee" of multicolored olives, slices of cucumber and green onion leaves.

"Butterfly" of sausage, cheese, rye bread, cucumber, radish and olive on lettuce leaves.

Making your meals with the lobster.

"Omar", consisting of figured diced tomatoes.

"Swans" from apples.

"Roses", rolled out of slices of ham

"Roses", rolled slices of salted fish

Decoration kebabs.

Making a banquet dish of fried chicken.

Desert. Sweetened rice and figurines made of jelly.

Making portions of pie or cake "Potatoes".

"Fan" of eggplant

New vegetable dish.

"House" of pancakes

"Well" for the New Year's champagne.