Tattooed in a million:

For some beautiful tattoo - a blue church domes, pinned on his chest.Some people prefer dragons, wolves, female figures and intricate patterns.
Wizard tattoo using a variety of substances - from the henna to artificial dyes, because worn under clothing on the figures also have their own fashion.But what is the most expensive tattoo?

It is logical to assume that the raw materials for it were to become very expensive materials.And, in fact: Almost priceless image is made of 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut diamonds weighing 5 carats each.These precious stones were used to create the most expensive tattoo in the world, worth 924 thousand dollars.On the creation of this masterpiece of jewelry from the masters took 8 hours and honor to wear this piece won a super-model from South Africa and the face of the brand Shimansky - Minky van der Vesthuytsen.

When you create a tattoo using special adhesive,water-based, which will allow to consolidate Diamonds on the body.Soon after the photo was taken with the precious girls tattoo, this substance is no longer working and head-dress had disappeared from the skin model.
This tattoo is expensive - and only for a while!However Shimansky still offers its customers do the same in any of its 8 offices in South Africa or in one of 4 international subsidiaries.Decorate yourself a literally dazzling headdress - perhaps more than the original way to express love for diamonds.