Sand sculpture festival in Blankenburg

The Belgian resort town of Blankenburg opened one of the most famous international festivals sand sculpture.
This year its theme is: "Around the World". Visitors to a huge exhibition, located on the seafront in the open air
see more than 170 sculptures, made of wet sand. To participate in the festival arrived 40 sculptors from forty countries.
Within 28 days they created their masterpieces from the fragile and moody material. At the same time, the artists did not use
for his work "local" sand, which trample the tourists on the beaches of Blankenburg. The material for the sculpture was taken to the coast
from sand pits located near Brussels. The festival will last until the end of August. His guests are expected
will be not less than 150 thousand people. Note that the main "rival" of the Belgian festival is an annual festival
Sand Sculpture Dinostory, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia. There, on the part of the Pacific Coast
called Frankston Waterfront, within a week rise gigantic figures of dinosaurs.