Unusual Coins of Different Countries.

Unusual coins of different countries.

Coin with natural pearls (Mariana Islands)

The coin is made of wood (Congo)

Black coin, dedicated to Pope (Liberia)

Oval coins from the series «Flowers of Turkey»

Square silver coins (Turkey)

Chinese coins in a fan

Coins with micro (Congo)

Transparent coins

Rectangular coins
(the Congo and Mongolia)

Coin with the changing image of «Albert Einstein» (Mariana Islands)

Coin-compass (Congo)

Coin Sundial (Liberia)

Octagonal multi-colored coins (Somalia)

The coin is in the form of the heart (Mariana Islands)

Coins with inserts of meteorites (Liberia)

Coin - Calendar (Zambia)

Coins,Illusions (Congo, Zambia, Uganda)

A coin with an insert of ancient coins from sunken ship in 1743 «The Princess Louise» (Liberia)

The coin is dedicated to the art of Tiffany (Liberia)

Coins with inserts of myrrh, gold and frankincense (Congo)

Coins in the form of the Australian continent

Coin-calendar for 50 years (Congo)

Notes from 32 carat gold foil
(Antigua and Barbuda)