What A Creation...

Boat in the style of Ferrari Modena 360..
Best model of Ferrari 360 Modena Spider was the embodiment and on the water - in the form of sporting and recreational boats M-GTRossocorsa.

Revolutionary concept of sports boats is as unprecedented provocation. And few people can remain indifferent to the bright-red corporate color Ferrrari Rossocorsa, by flying over the water surface. The boat is aimed at those who love a challenge and is ready to turn the sea, river or lake in the high-speed freeway.

Presented at the November exhibition in 2008 in Genoa, RIB M-GTRossocorsa is totally new concept in «Cruiser Day», combining modern lines, technology and speed, without at the same time endanger the comfort, classic style and elegance, typical of traditional shipyard Magazzu. Owner of great pleasure to go to cruise for a day in the company of friends or family. Cruising range is 300 nautical miles at an average speed of 50 knots, with a turbocharged diesel engine is very economical.

The general concept is traced in Rossocorsa, as in the whole range of RIB Magazzu. Vast areas for sunbathing in the cockpit and strong, comfortable passenger sofa, a folding table, a refrigerator, a classic big transom platform to gain access to the water - all this by now a distinctive feature of boats brand Magazzu. However, the finish boat Rossocorsa significantly different from all other models. Designers were able to create a complete sense of exclusivity future boat owner M-GTR. For example, as well as in this Ferrari 360 Modena Spider, hood, engine compartment that is partially transparent.

At first glance it seems that the boat is designed only for racing on the water, but this is not true. As already mentioned, a full «Cruiser Day» with the ability to hide in bad weather.

In the cabin, two comfortable beds, there is a discharge of marine WC. The whole region to work with the deck is covered with solid wood tikom. In «taillights» hidden electrical outlet for connecting to shore food and a shower at the transom.

In order to RIB M-GTR moving at high speed, he completed a 320HP or a 430HP gasoline engine DTS, or alternatively by two turbocharged diesel engines under 260 horsepower each. This «herd of horses» able to disperse the boat for a few seconds at a speed exceeding 55 knots.

Speaking about the M-GTRossocorsa, president «Yacht Club of Green Island» Sergey Gmyra said: «The name of Ferrari we have not only on the sports car, but on myth, legend of motorsport. When you first look at the M-GTRossocorsa there is a sense of speed. And speed - is that like many owners of good cars. It is for them and will be supplied, the model is a RIB `»

Rossocorsa created only by the customer, taking into account all of its requirements. The proposed set of options to meet all the requirements of the person who can afford to be exclusive. Limited series of boats available in Russia from May 2009 the exclusive dealer of «Yacht Club of Green Island». And to put in your garage aqueous Ferrari, the future owner will have to wait 2.5 months

The Italian shipyard Magazzu offers modern solutions in the field of design and construction of marine craft. In fact this yard is already more than 40 years and distributes the work between two companies: «Magazzu Yachting», engaged in the construction of motor and sailing yachts, and «Magazzu Research», conducting research in the field of passenger ships. The company has several patents on the draft hulls of yachts. Their development used by many Italian shipyard. In the field of aeronautics Maggazu Group in cooperation with companies and Aeritalia Dornier completed a study on the amphibian aircraft. At the shipyard produced a boat-type RIB, motor yachts and sailing trimaran from Kevlar. In Russia Wharf represents an exclusive dealer of «Yacht Club of Green Island».