Pogroms in London in anticipation of the summit of G20..

Pogroms in London in anticipation of the summit of G20

In the City of London before the summit «Big twenty» were massive protests. The demonstrators started to smash the banks in the City of London.From the actions of protesters hit the first entrance to the office of «Royal Bank of Scotland», ITAR-TASS.Also, they tried to enter the building the Bank of England (Bank of England).
In a protest in the City was attended by about four thousand people.After they attacked the police, the riot was sent special forces, reports Sky News.

According to CNN, the protesters held banners reading «arrest of war criminals», «One currency, one country, one world», «Capitalism does not work» and others. In addition to the anti-anarchist, and in shares in the City of London involving supporters and environmental organizations.

The action, organized movement G20 Meltdown, bringing together representatives of dozens of community groups - anti, anticapitalist, anarchists and environmentalists. The march aims to unite all affected by the global credit crisis, the irresponsible actions of bankers and the acquiescence of the authorities.
Organizers said that the march of April 1, is no accident.Hike to the Bank of England is dedicated to the «Day of the financial fool», indicate the representatives of G20 Meltdown, because «fools gladly» itself could take millions of people who are deceived by governments and bankers.