10 most annoying film .

Based on data from E-Poll Market Research, studied more 3000
celebrities ratings, the American magazine Forbes has prepared a list of stars that are too much flash in the media, and we had her, consisting only of film characters.Leader of the list of sick already 70% of the respondents.For comparison, the peak of popularity, it is for most stars is 3-7%.

The absolute leader. This could be true without questioning. Actress, singer and a hotel chain heiress Hilton.U Americans the impression that the secular lioness did not get out to the TV screen and from the pages.It is, truth can be attributed to actress only loosely defined, even though the account has already 19 to foreign works.Film (Beauty and the urodina), where she played a major role, according to polls the most famous site on IMDB.com movie was deemed the worst in history. Incidentally, who would take first place, to conduct such a survey for us.

2. Lindsay Lohan - 61% boring.Drugs in the club room, driving in drink - Continuous news, hence the frequent appearance in the media. Star youth comedies Lohan last year, was recognized as the worst actress and received «Golden raspberries» on several nominations for the film «I know who killed me». Now red Rock out trying to pull his kinokareru, removing from intelligent directors like Alfonso Arau

3-4.Pamela Anderson -51% of respondents.Ex.Playboy model is not so much an actress, but a cultural phenomenon. Does anyone even remember her role, except for «Rescue Malibu» and militants, who in our office has found strange name «Do not call me baby»?A large number of scandals, weddings and divorces it helps keep afloat.Recent «blonde and blond» it in the title role suffered a crushing failure in the office.

3–4. Nicole Ricci - the same 51%. In more secular girl than an actress. Her account has only a few series, and countless photos in fashion magazines.

5. Mary Kate Olsen - 44%. The rating it significantly higher than his sister-corner Ashley (on the picture left), because of the 2008th was riveted to her too much attention because of its relationship with the late hit Ledzherom.Especiallyflickering it in the press after his death. Deleted in the popular TV series «Weeds» about drug addiction and in the movie «Madness».

6. 6. Kim Kardashyan - 43%. With negligible margin is unknown in our region the girl with the Armenian surname. Just as Nicole Ricci and Paris Hilton - habitue parties.In the film has noted the role in the film «Terrible film».

7. 7. Tom Cruise - 39%.10 years ago, he was a favorite of girls, and became possessed of Scientology, family man and producer. He was jumping on the couch to show Opry Uinfri Brooke Shields and cursed the fact that it was taking antidepressants.Indeed, as it too much.

8. Ashley Olsen - 37%. The following (or rather, above) Sisters rated. In the movie is not removed since 2004, and therefore less tired. And what were fine girl, what they other bright future ...

9. Jessica Simpson - 36%. From songs of Britney Spears and pop singer struggles to film, but falls only on the covers of magazines. Her latest film «The blonde with ambition» failed in Russia.

10. Jamie Lynn Spears - 33% unpopularity earned the younger sister of Britney Spears, which plays a central role in the series «Zohi 101»Her road to fame reduced pregnancy rumors, circulated in the press late last year.